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"I Trust Rich to Give Me What I Need"

Rich began helping me as I prepared to purchase the current business and has been an asset ever since. Whether it’s keeping my books straight, preparing tax returns, or just giving business advice, I trust Rich to give me what I need.

Charles W. Case ...

"Unwavering Commitment"

Richard is a highly intelligent individual with great business sense who is passionate about what he does and has a refreshingly unwavering commitment to his clientele. I firmly recommend him without hesitation.

Eric Degen CPA, LPBC, CMEC Partner Titan Business Development Group, LLC

"An Invaluable Asset"

Top qualities: Great results, Expert, High Integrity

Richard has been an invaluable asset to our organization.

R. Charles Stevens Marine Agency Corporation

"True Professionals"

Rich Lipton and his entire firm are true professionals which is evident in everything they do. Rich does not just go through the motions to get the job done, but he really analyzes the problem at hand to find a solution. He involves himself in your business to truly understand your business philosophy, goals and concerns and has treated our account as if it were his own business. Richard has been our accountant now for almost three years and he has far surpassed the two accounting firms we have had before him.

During this credit crisis where we are still in a deep declining economy, there are so many businesses that are unable to get the financing that they require. Rich Lipton was not only able to help us get financing, but was a key advocate in getting a new credit line set up for us which was twice the size of our current line. During this time of record-breaking economic troubles, in which it is rare for a company to get the financing it needs to survive, Rich literally helped to save our business. We sell to many of the largest retailers in the world and we had some very large orders for product that we could not afford to manufacture. If we had not been able to come up with this financing, we would have had to cancel huge purchase orders from our customers; we would have had to simply give up business that we may never have been able to get back again. Due to the creativity of Rich Lipton we have been able to fill all orders. As far as I am concerned, Rich Lipton saved the day.

I highly recommend Rich Lipton and his firm and invite any prospective clients to call me so I can share with them my experience of working with Rich and his firm.

"Exceptional Follow Up"

Rich Lipton is a consummate professional. He always has the client’s best interest in mind and his follow up is exceptional. I have enjoyed working with him in the past and will further my relationship with him and his firm knowing his ethics are of the highest standards.

Suzanne Kiall Benedetto Owner / Broker of Record Hopkins, Sampson & Brown Real Estate Advisory Services, LLC

"Unique Problem Solving Abilities"

Rich is a well regarded accountant with unique problem solving abilities and is an excellent communicator. I do not hesitate to recommend him for your accounting needs.

Jay Freireich Member Brach Eichler, LLC

"A Careful Eye for Detail"

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

For over twenty years, Rich provided quality accounting for me and my firm with a careful eye for detail and a forward thinking knowledge of tax regulations.

David W....AIA, LEED AP

"Quick and Decisive Counsel"

It has been nearly a year since switching our accounting needs to you. I feel its important to let you know that your quick and decisive counsel has been instrumental to the current and future health of this company.

The errors and unsound financial planning of previous accounting firms has been staggering. Be assured, I will refer you to my business clients and friends with the highest recommendation. I can not praise you enough.

Darryl Stevens, President Marine Agency Corporation

"Exemplifying the Highest Standards"

I have known Rich for more than 15 years and have found that he exemplifies the highest standards of his profession. His thoroughness and attention to detail are impressive, but his dedication to the best interests of his clients is as noteworthy as his technical abilities. Bright, dedicated and skilled, Rich garners my unequivocal recommendation.

David C. Wigfield,Partner Scura, Mealy, Wigfield & Heyer, LLP

"Extremely Knowledgeable"

Richard Lipton and I have worked together for one or two mutual clients’ tax/business matters. He is a delight to work with and extremely knowledgeable about both accounting and tax issues. I can recommend him very highly.

Martin Bearg, Esq.

"Get It Done Right!"

Rich Lipton is an exceptional person and professional. His has intellectual acumen, lofty ambitions, and kindness. His overall performance in many facilitating activities has proven that his multi-tasking abilities are extraordinary. I highly recommend and trust this professional in any environment or project to get it done and done right!

Bruce Epstein

"Back from the Brink"

I received your fax regarding the government letter. I have rarely felt so relieved. It is just over two years since I came home from the hospital, with my financial picture in ruin. My home was in danger of of being lost, my business was a disaster, and it seemed that every place I turned, there was someone with their hand out for money, especially the taxing authorities.

Since that time, with your advice and guidance, as well as your hard work in negotiations with the IRS, the picture has dramatically changed. My home has been saved, my business is in an upswing, and new patients are calling daily for appointments.

We have succeeded in coming from the brink and are on the way to financial health and soundness. This is greatly due to your advice, guidance and faith in my abilities to succeed. I shall never forget your help, and I shall also never fail to follow your advice. If anyone is ever in need of financial advice, I shall send them to you.

Dr. David

"Creative and Sound Advice"

I want to thank you again for the excellent work performed by your office over the years. In addition, other attorneys and investment counselors who have engaged your firm are delighted with your creative and sound advice. They are pleased to work with you and your knowledgeable staff.

I am grateful for the consistently high performance and resources provided to us by your firm.


"Optimal Results"

Rich has the ability to analyze business and individual financial situations and offer a comprehensive solution for optimal results. As a professional and consultant on business, I would certainly recommend Rich, a thorough and highly regarded professional in his field of expertise.

Mark Feldman, President Millmar Paper Sales, Inc.

"Noteworthy Collaborative Skills"

I have worked with Richard on a number of complex trust, estate, and tax issues. His work has been exemplary. His collaborative skills among other professionals have also been well worth noting.

Roy P. Kozupsky, Partner Trusts & Estates Attorney Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

"Wisdom from Years of Experience"

Rich Lipton has been bringing useful tips to our industry through articles of wisdom from years of experience. He also provides a unique service to the industry through forensic accounting and research that has uncovered serious leaks that sometimes go unnoticed in day-to-day operations.

Stu Zurcher, President Strategic Alliance Group, Inc.

"You know more than we Imagined"

It was great meeting you yesterday. I was finally able to find out what you know better than tires, taxes!! Look forward to working with you.

Bob K.; Robbins &...

If looking for a CPA, I've been using Richard Lipton CPA & Associates.. The firm has been very responsive to all my questions and concerns, some of which have been very complex. For tax readiness, they supplied me with a comprehensive organizer so I can get all the paperwork ready for the tax season.

Joana N.

"Thanks for all the help"

Thanks for all the help and understanding you exhibited on our behalf at this very busy time on your calander.  You are very special indeed.  We sincerely appreciate your work and your caring.

Alice and Steve

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